What does life insurance or a funeral plan cover?

Both life insurance and funeral plans are a contract previously made between the deceased and the insurance company. Coverage depends on the specific policy.

There are many different types, but most of them cover the costs of the whole service, including the mortuary, flowers, coffin and death notices.

How do I find out if the deceased had made a will or not?

Should the family so wish, Pompas Fúnebres Ibiza will investigate whether a will exists or not by checking to see if the deceased has made a testament of their final wishes or will before a public notary.

Is it worthwhile taking out life insurance or a funeral plan?

Taking out life insurance (also known as death insurance) or a funeral plan may be of interest as it helps us anticipate a future situation. Most elderly people, gain comfort in the thought that their death will not place a financial burden on their relatives. At Pompas Fúnebres Ibiza we work with the majority of Spanish and foreign insurance companies, including leading national companies, who trust us to provide the highest quality service that we offer to our clients in Ibiza and Formentera.

Does PFI offer a service for people in Ibiza who want to be cremated?

In the last few years, we have invested in improving the facilities we offer.

Unfortunately, although we were intending to install a crematorium, Balearic legislation prohibits the building of a crematorium unless it is in a cemetery. This means that construction is only allowed by express permission of the local town councils, who own most of the most important cemeteries. We are still aiming to do this and we hope to resolve this matter soon. In the meantime, we are still able to offer cremations through a partner company in Mallorca. Look at the section on Cremations in Ibiza for more information.