Certificates and legal administration

A death always involves various legal and administrative proceedings (registering the death, social security) amongst others.  At Pompas Fúnebres Ibiza, we assess what is necessary and make sure that the process is explained clearly to you.

At Pompas Fúnebres Ibiza, should you so wish, we can organise an carry out the administration needed for public organisations and insurance companies:

  • We will process the Death Certificate.

  • We will register the death with Social Services and inform benefit offices for example: Pensioner’s and Orphan benefits

  • We will register the deceased’s last wishes to check if there is a Will.

  • We will send insurance policies to find out whether the deceased had any insurance coverage.

Also, we can offer the services of an external legal department who will be able to fulfil the formalities required for inheritances as well as provide counselling advice.