Is there a life insurance policy or a funeral plan?

Many of our clients in both Ibiza and Formentera have life insurance or a funeral plan. There are many different companies who offer this type of insurance, and they usually cover the complete costs of the funeral. There is normally a provision to meet funeral costs immediately on the death of the insured.

Although each insurance company provides different levels coverage, in general they include everything that is needed for a funeral: the coffin, chapel of rest, floral tributes, death notices in the press, transfer to the church and cemetery etc.

Normally the policies are excellent, providing quality cover for all funeral expenses, although it is always possible for you to chose more bespoke funeral option if you so wish by paying the difference.

What will Pompas Fúnebres do if there is an insurance policy or funeral plan?

Once we are informed that an insurance policy exists, Pompas Fúnebres Ibiza will contact the insurance company to find out exactly what the insurance policy covers. We will then adjust our services to suit the policy, whilst still allowing families the option of choosing a more bespoke service if they wish.

Although the insurance policy contract is between our client and the insurance company, in many cases we charge the insurance company directly for the funeral services requested, processing all paperwork on the client’s behalf. This leaves them free to focus on saying goodbye to their loved one without having to worry about payments.

Speak to our insurance experts to find out more about what is covered by your life insurance.